Café de Jour is an open platform that promotes intercultural dialogue on the notion of ‘vivre-ensemble’ through an inter-disciplinary use of various forms of expression. It strives to open new spaces for dialogue, fostering new opportunities where the needs and aspirations of local societies can be expressed and heard, and offers a renewed opportunity for the rapprochement of cultures at a grassroots level. In April 2016, the first series of events took place in Paris, under the auspices of UNESCO, with the intial intention to reflect on how a traumatic experience affects the everyday life and the mental state of the inhabitants of a city.


A series of participatory future – oriented workshops comprising collective intelligence processes that use the future as a catalyst to engage participants in meaningful dialogue about the prospect of a shared future. The first installment took place in Thessaloniki in April 2017 on issues pertaining to Identity, Mobility and Security.


Unaccompanied refugee minors are exposed to all sorts of threats: physical and sexual violence, child abuse, organ trafficking and sexual exploitation. “Create your Shield” aims to eliminate these risks by educating them when they first enter Greece, through the techniques of social theater, role games and interactive exercises. This experiential workshop was designed by our team and executed with the collaboration of local authorities and other relevant stakeholders in the island of Chios, Greece.