Following its previous successful attempt on the diffusion of the Council of Europe’s “Free to Speak, Safe to Learn – Democratic Schools for All” project, New Wrinkle conitnues its activity until June of 2022 with the educational programme “Human Rights for Beginners 2”.

This time with the support of the ‘Active citizens fund’ programme that is part of EEA Grants, our team leaves Athens to gladly engage with 80 educators from around the country. Starting with two-day workshop sessions in the cities of Trikala (November 2021) and Kalamata (December 2021) we aim to foster democratic culture within schools in two ways.

Firstly, by addressing critical issues that influence the life of students such as discrimination, violence and propaganda and, at the same time, by familiarizing educators with values, attitudes, skills, knowledge and critical understanding necessary for the promotion of active citizenship.

Secondly, by bringing into this process students themselves through the implementation of small group projects at the schools where educators serve. An additional and significant part of this year’s project is the translation in Greek and distribution to the participant educators and their schools of all three volumes of the “Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture” which represents the cutting edge of the Council of Europe educational material.


HUMAN RIGHTS FOR BEGINNERS is based on the Council of Europe’s “Free to Speak, Safe to Learn – Democratic Schools for All” educational project. Perceiving culture as a dynamic phenomenon but also as series of notions regulating the human activity and behavior, the programme is addressed to 120 educators working in both public and private secondary schools in Greece. In the context of spreading democratic culture, the programme aspires to help educators and students to become familiar with concepts, values, skills, practices, and knowledge that will contribute to the formation of social interaction in democratic states.


In collaboration with the Sustainable Islands Network of Aegean Islands ‘DAFNI’ and the NGO ‘Agoni Grammi Gonimi”, the workshop will take place in August 2017 at the Frauhofer Institute of Technology, in Germany. It aims to allow high-school teachers to get acquainted with new technologies and solutions that stimulate the creation of truly “smart” islands.


Playing with Protons is a science education initiative that brings together primary school teachers, CERN researchers and science education specialists. For the first time, through an open selection process, ten public schools teachers from remote and under-privileged areas of Greece were fully sponsored to travel to CERN, in Geneva, and participate in lectures, hands-on workshops, visits to experimental facili- ties, study groups and Q&A sessions.


The workshop, to be held in August 2017, aims to involve kindergarten and primary school teachers from the mountainous area of Pindos. The educators will travel to the Embercombe institute in Devon, England, where they will get in touch with special activities in order to appreciate the benefits of outdoor learning.